Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Miss Me??

So I haven't been on here in awhile...I got pretty busy with the holidays and then with another semester of school starting for both Bruce and I, that leaving me alone with the kids Monday nights through Thursday. Also I think I just got lazy with writing to be totally honest.. =)

So the holidays were good...One of the best Christmas's I have had in awhile, for Bruce, myself and the kids. I have come to realize that maybe something will have to change next year doing the 2 families in one day. You end up feeling ripped off and ripping off who you have to visit. Not sure though what to do without hurting anyone's feelings or stepping on toes.

About a week after Christmas, we were doing a family cleaning and Mia ended up finding "Santa's wrapping paper." I make it different so there's no catching on and then just put their first initial on whatever it is. Anyways, she goes, "hey this is the same paper that Santa used." Just standing there holding it, then it was quiet for a minute....Then she goes, "Are you guys Santa Claus??" I was in denial myself and at the same time, Bruce said yes and I said knew she was old enough, she had gotten teased at school about it a few times and figured by next year she would figure it out. I just thought I had a whole year to work with.

Then with Santa out of the bag, my 8 1/2 year olds little world started crumbling....Next came the Easter Bunny....and, "but when I left carrots and stuff, there were little nibbles out of them!!" Then the Tooth Fairy.....Oh, it was indeed a sad day...She then turned angry and looked at Oliver, and goes, "THERE'S NO SANTA CLAUS OLIVER!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?" Then we had to tell her that it was something that you keep a secret and don't tell anyone you know about and that it's still fun and you will still get gifts from Santa, because we still do!! She was pretty pissed though and wanted to go shout it from the rooftops that her reality was not as it had seemed for the past 8 years. About a few hours later though she was fine and all was well in the world of Mia again

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