Sunday, August 9, 2009

My X

So this is my second week doing p90x..sorta..I did about 4 days in a row the first week, then had circumstances that took me away from it for a few days, then finished that week. So now I'm on my second week 3rd day. Even though I may not be able to do it how you're supposed to, I'm still doin it. It's working, so I will just have to work on getting the timing of doing it when I should down. Anything is better than nothing.
Today was "shoulders and arms" and "ab ripper x". I must admit, I love shoulders and arms. I started with a 5lb weight and now can finish all the exercises with it. So now I need to go buy an 8lb weight and crank it up a notch. What a great feeling though being able to keep up with everyone and finish the exercises. Ab ripper was ok..I would love to do it at night instead of right after the other exercise but I'm afraid I would never get back to it. I'm able to finish a little more than half, which when I started I couldn't do half bc I started to cramp in my muscle buried under my flub. So booyah!! I also forget how much exercise can release stress and anger. Thank you Tony..
I find myself getting into a zone, prepping myself before I even start the exercise. I don't want to talk to anyone or be bothered. Anyone else do this? I don't know if its P90 or just gettin myself ready period.
I have started to have people say things about my weight loss so far. I don't know if they are being supportive or nice, but Mia was following me up the stairs the other day and says "Mom! I think your butt is getting smaller!!" ;-) either way, it made my's hard work, but well worth it..till next time..