Thursday, July 23, 2009

My new life....

So I've been really trying to lose weight since Feb of this year. Actually taking it seriously, with a few slips here and there. Recently, I have purchased the P90X system. Pretty much everyone knows about it, and I actually know 2 people that have had nothing but success with it. So I said why not. Why not kick it up a notch? What do I possibly have to lose? To be in better shape? To actually wake up and feel good in the morning?

There have been a lot of things lately that have happened that have opened up my eyes to my life. That I have this one life, this one body, and it's up to me to make my image of happiness actually happen. I am the only one that can make my dreams come true. So I'm doing something about it. Feel free to follow my journey through this period of my life. Blogging about it will just make myself more accountable of what I do, when I do it, and how much I can improve.

"Food is my fuel." It is no longer my escape, my guilty pleasure, and my "I'll start tomorrow." Someone told me one time that it doesn't matter what you eat that makes you full, just so you are full. With that, I have repeated it in my mind almost daily, and my diet began to change. Since February of this year, I have lost 23 lbs. That was just with changing my diet. I am so excited about my results and how I have been only working out now for a week. I can't wait till day 90.

So for all you fellow P90Xers out there, "I'm bringing it...I'm doing my best, and forgetting the rest..."