Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The kids

So here is a video I took of the kids dancing the other night..LOL, Mia has always loved music and it's looking like Oliver is going to be the same..Sometimes we just turn on the radio or put in a c.d. and bob our heads, with our white mans overbite goin...Oliver is so funny though, he will bob up and down but his newest thing is to move both his feet back and forth as fast as he can. It's hilarious to watch!!


kristine0 said...

Mia's good little dancer and it looks like Oliver loves to dance too. Sorry about Mia finding out about Santa. Atleast she found out after Christmas and not before.

Sandy said...

How sweet are they!!!! What a cute video. He is so advanced...I can't believe what he does...of course he is my grandson, so that explains it! LOL