Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You ever?

You ever have one of those days that go really well? The kind when everything is going right, and you seem to have found that extra jump in your step? Well I just have had 2 of those in a row and I love it. I'm not sure why, but not going to over-analyze it either...No headaches, no body aches , and it's like everything I touch or do just makes sense and fits all together..Does anyone know what I mean? Or do I just sound like a loon??

I also got to thinkin how I'm going to be 30 years old this month. 30....It doesn't really bother me, I look at it as another celebration of another year of learning. I always make a big deal about birthdays, some people think it's silly and it's just another day, but I don't look at it like that. You can learn so much from reflection and that's what I do, every year. Reflect as to where I have been...where I am...and where it might be that I would like to go further.

I have come a long way, and so has Bruce...We might not have much now, but we are well on our way of making our dreams come true. He will be done with going to Michigan by Christmas, and graduating and walking that well deserved stage by May 2010. It's just within his grasp and so nice to have it written down on paper. It makes it very real and not just a dream anymore. I couldn't be more proud to be Mrs. Amy Bohner....I hope you know I'm willing to walk anywhere with you Bruce....


Sandy said...

What a cool post...very well written and inspiring!!

Steve said...

Hoping you're still having days like this! Tell Mia we saw Race to Witch Mountain yesterday, so I can talk about it now. Unfortunately, I lost my cell phone in the theater and could call her after the flick yesterday. Looking for the phone again today!